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When everything around is overwhelming and you are feeling down beat, Le commis Sert is waiting with delicious & healthy things to eat. Le Commis Sert is a café, a community hub, the meeting point and the go-to place for catch ups, not simply a place you can walk past, rather a place you walk through.

Our Story

Our Le Commis Sert operates as a zero-waste cafe. We are striving not to use plastics or take away plastic containers, recycling and composting systems, a small step at a time we focus – you are more than welcome to bring your Keep Cup or use one of our compostable cups. Organic Ingredients Recycled Packaging Say No to Plastic

Zero Waste

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Our Story

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We love real organically sourced food with a gourmet twist and like to make most things from scratch including our sauces, relishes, cakes, yoghurt and sourdough breads. Try our homemade twists in our menu and you’ll taste the difference. French cuisine 10 am to 7 pm delivery Healthy food

Our Cafe a perfect mix of things, that you will just love!

Inspired by simplicity & sustainability, our cafe offers of things cooked soulfully, making you feel at home but with a touch of our chef's twist.

We Carefully Source The Best

Drop in & Check Out for yourself!

A place to just chill

A best place to relax!

A Cafe as Cosy as Home!

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